My Story

Starting in Kindergarten, my primary focus was art. As I got older, I scheduled myself into endless drawing and typography courses at my local high school. I did everything I could to surround myself with it.

When I graduated high school, the answer should have been simple - go to school for art; however, I found myself struggling against what I thought I should do, and what I wanted to do.

I started at Penn State Altoona, undecided, but due to a medical emergency, had to unenroll. A year later, I began attending South Hills School of Business & Technology for Information Technology.

A year into IT, I decided that while I enjoyed the logical aspects and creative solutions to writing code, that I was much more fit for - you guessed it - art and design! At the beginning of my second year at South Hills, I switched my major to what it should have been all along: Graphic Arts.

Every wrong choice builds on the complexities of a person, and shapes them into exactly what they should be; the sum of their experiences. Although it took me several tries to get it right, it was that much more fulfilling when I did get it. Now I know without any doubt that I have made the right choice for myself.

Since mid-June, I have been interning at Impressions WHQ, Inc. in State College, PA., where I am continuing to learn and grow both personally, and professionally.

Meet the Gang

Although I take full responsibility for designing all client projects, there is no denying that my boyfriend, CJ,
helps immensely throughout the process. He is encouraging and brilliant, and has a talent
for polishing my ideas and helping to finalize my creations.

Sherry Tallon

Artist & Graphic Designer

With a background in Graphic Arts, my skills range from digital to print media. I am inquisitive, humorous, and passionate, and my designs are reflective of that. I will always strive to better my work, not only for my clients, but for myself.

In my free time, I dance, sing (although not well), and play with my silk fan veils. I enjoy spending time outside, and relaxing with my boyfriend, CJ, and two cats, Beans and Luna.


The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts.

As passionate and adventurous individuals, we have plans to one day travel across North America in our camper to experience new people and places. Although our trip has been delayed for an undetermined amount of time, we look forward to making steady steps towards reaching our goal.

Canada, Minnesota, Washington, California, New Mexico, Texas, and South Carolina are among some of the many places we plan to visit. We will not only be scouting out new places, but also spending some time reuniting with old friends and family along the way.

We will be documenting our trip in my blog, which will go live closer to when we leave.

CJ Samples

Support & Brainstormer

With experience in sales and marketing, I have the background to assist Sherry by incorporating various advertising elements into her creations, to entice viewers and potential clients.

I enjoy trying new things, taking on challenges, and exploring outside of my comfort zone. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, going hiking, and cooking delicious meals.

Find out more...

I would love to help make your creations a reality. Even if the service you're looking for isn't listed, please feel free to reach out; I am open to new ideas and exciting challenges.